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SolaMAX3 Tideland
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Spesifikasi SolaMAX3 Tideland

The SolaMAX-3 is a multipurpose, self-contained, solar powered LED Lantern designed for 3 nautical miles of effective visibility, 8.3˚of vertical divergence and a 360˚ omnidirectional horizontal beam.

- 4 different power levels to accomodate different range requirements.
- By using optional infrared system, the user can check and download the battery voltage, flash characteristic and power level.
- With the optional remote controller, the user can change the lantern’s settings.
- Available in all IALA approved colors.
- A constant current LED driver provides constant brightness and a longer LED lifespan.
- Optional GPS synchronized flashing.
- 256 flashing characteristics available for user selection.
- Equipped with magnetic ON/OFF function.


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